O&O DiskStat 2.0.396

O&O Software GmbH (Freeware)

O&O Software GmbH is a program that monitors the status of the computer’s amount of space, temperature, disc activity, and performance devices. The program allows the user to have an overall view and analysis of the used space with interactive graphics displayed in 3D pie charts, and the Top 10 functions showing the disk’s largest files for quick and easy access. Once identified, these files and folders that take too much space (and helps in slowing down the computer) from the disk can be removed to create valuable space. The program has a server edition for use by network administrators where the most important feature is its ability to analyze network drives and display which user’s data had been taking up so much space. Early identification of these areas will be the basis of administrative actions on the network’s present and future hardware requirements.

O&O Software GmbH is available in both the Server edition and for personal use, both of which carry the animated disk activity indicator, a pie-chart style of graphic display to indicate the disk’s space use, and a health status indicator. The status indicator monitors the computer’s present temperature, current disc activity, and the performance of its devices, which can give the user enough information regarding the computer’s state.