O&O DiskImage 7.0.98

O&O Software GmbH (Shareware)

O&O DiskImage is a disk backup tool developed by O&O Software and released on November 2012. This program features data backup options for files, disk drives, and even whole computer systems. This provides a secure option for users in case of file corruptions or system breakdowns. This program backs up not just personal files and data, but even drive and computer settings. These include program settings and the operating system. This program creates a disk image of the whole computer allowing the user to restore everything with just one click.

O&O DiskImage enables a user to backup directly to an external device like a USB drive or disk media like DVD or CD. This is through the Boot Medium function. This allows users to restore the PC’s settings even without an installation. This program also features scheduled backups, aside from the regular manual backups. The program automatically executes a backup process through a pre-defined backup schedule. Automatic backup may be configured to execute in the background so as to permit multitasking. Disk images may be stored and transferred on different computers. Thus, the saved backup may also be restored on another computer or even several computesr. This allows for PC duplication. This program enables the user to do this even though PC settings may be different or there are different partition sizes.