O&O Defrag

O&O Software (Shareware)

O&O Defrag is a utility program that enables users to defragment their computer’s hard disk. Disk Defragmentation is a computer maintenance process where fragmented system files are merged in order to enhance a computer’s performance. Fragmentation occurs when the computer’s file system cannot allocate enough disc space to completely store a system file as a single unit. Fragmented files slow down the computer’s processes and causes system crashes. O&O Defrag provides various tools that allow users to analyze, defragment, and schedule defragmentation tasks in their computer.

O&O Defrag’s user interface provides a two-panel display that shows a list of hard disk drives available for defragmentation and a graphic visualization of the amount of fragmentation in a selected drive. The leftmost panel contains a tree-view file directory that gives users an overall view of the computer’s disk structure. The next panel lists various tasks that a user can perform using the program. These includes O&O OneButtonDefrag which automatically performs disc analysis and defragmentation, the Analyze Button task which scans a disk drive for the amount of fragmentation, and the Defragment Volume task which performs the defragmentation process without analyzing the disk volume. Other tasks include the Automate Defragmentation task, which allows users to configure the automatic defragmentation settings, and the Display Status Report task, which allows users to view the changes in the disk volume after defragmentation.

O&O Defrag provides a color-coded graphic display of the hard disk’s amount of defragmentation. Fragmented files are shown in red, Allocated files in dark blue, Compressed files in light blue, and the amount of free space is shown in white. The program provides both a pie chart and block cluster visual graph of hard disk fragmentation.