Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional

Ontrack Data Recovery Inc. (Shareware)

Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional is a software used in recovering and repairing various computer data. It is also capable of executing disk diagnostics checks. Virtually all types of files and data can be recovered.  It is commonly used in recovering Microsoft Office documents, emails, digital media files, MIDI music files and voice files to name a few.    

The application has a Quick –Scan option used in finding and discovering otherwise lost files. It is beneficial in such cases where one deletes or cannot locate files in one’s USB key, hard drive, or camera card. The application’s Ontrack Data Advisor is utilized in achieving disk diagnostics checks.  File type searching mechanism has also been enhanced. Additional raw recover support is also incorporated for instances that require serious file recovery, and is specifically provided for 485 file types. The software’s viewing capacity also allow for recovered files to be previewed in a manner that is identical in layout to its native application.  The Emergency Boot Media feature is also very helpful in recovering data from systems that are unable to boot to Microsoft Windows.  Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional can be used with any Operating System and is a powerful tool in file repair, data recovery and disk diagnostics analysis.