OneTouch Module

Visioneer Inc (Proprietary)

OneTouch Module is a utility which allows users to scan documents with a single push of a button. Scanning is the process by which images, printed text, handwriting, or any object is converted to a digital image. The module connects the Visioneer or Xerox scanner with the scanner settings.  Once the object is scanned, it is automatically saved to email, Word, printer, or file folder. There are default settings on the resolution, color depth, file format, and paper size but there is also an option to make configuration changes depending on the needs of the users.

The normal scan process requires users to print a copy of the document to be scanned. They will then need to go to the scanner and place the document on a particular orientation. Users are asked to provide the paper size, resolution, color depth, file format, and other settings related to the output. This procedure requires that the person has both technical knowledge, and time to execute the end-to-end process. However, as users demand more productivity to be able to focus more on highly valuable tasks, these steps may not be acceptable. This software integrates the element of productivity with the single button execution and quality using the Kofax VRS technology.