OneTouch Diabetes Management Software

Lifescan, Inc. (Proprietary)

OneTouch Diabetes Management Software is a tool for tracking and monitoring diabetes. The program is used together with the OneTouch Meter, a device that monitors the level of glucose in the bloodstream. Information from the OneTouch Meter can be downloaded to the application with the data port that comes with the meter. The application automatically calculates the numbers so that patients can immediately see their levels. The features of the OneTouch Diabetes Management Software are as follows:

• Logbook – The logbook provides a summary of the glucose levels and the different factors that can affect them. The levels that are out of the normal range are highlighted, too.
• Glucose Trend – This feature shows the glucose trend of the patient in the form of a line chart. Statistics and targets can also be viewed.
• Data List – The Data List shows the record of the blood glucose on a daily basis. Other information included on the list is the date, time, result type, value, and the status.
• Histogram – The Histogram shows the frequency of blood level readings according to range (before meals, after meals, and at night). The results are color coded and shown in a bar graph.
• Health Checks – This feature shows vital information about the patient include the weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc.