OneNote Key 8.3

Passware (Shareware)

OneNote Key is a password recovery program designed specially to recover passwords for the Microsoft OneNote documents. It is developed by Passware and released on September 2008. This program enables users to access MS OneNote files rendered inaccessible due to lost or forgotten passwords. It utilizes several password recovery techniques like Brute Force, Dictionary, and Xieve attacks. It features support for multi-lingual passwords.

OneNote Key features three most common password recovery techniques. Dictionary attack uses thousands of dictionary words as possible password matches. Using this technique, users may customize the search settings as to password length, pattern, and language. This program features 9 built-in dictionaries of different languages including French, German, English, and Italian, among others. Users may also set the casing and reverse password attacks. Brute Force attack finds the password by using all possible character combinations from a specified set given by the user. It is a slow but sure attack. Users may also customize the password length, symbol set, language, and pattern, when using this technique. Xieve is a brute attack optimization tool which eliminates password checks that use nonsensical character combinations. Users may configure the Xieve level to be used—Low, Medium, or High. High Xieve level utilizes the most common letter combinations only. OneNote Key also utilizes a Known password/part attach when the user knows one part of the password but not the other part. To combine recovery attacks, users may use the Join Attacks option.