One Way Ticket

MyPlayCity (Shareware)

One Way Ticket is a zombie survival video game wherein the player's main goal is to eliminate zombies roaming the world. In this game, a virus transformed the player’s neighbors and friends into zombies. It is up to the player to determine how he wants to kill the zombies that are scattered in the game's field. There are 5 weapon types in the game. These varieties of weapons can be used to kill creatures. There are long-ranged and close-ranged weapons in the game. These include shooting rifles, as well as chain saws. Long-ranged weapons are used to kill zombies at a distance. Short-ranged weapons render damage by direct contact with the enemy. Boxes that contain ammo can be picked up and new guns can be unlocked.

One Way Ticket has a variety of enemies. In addition to zombies, there are also snakes and other big creatures.  The game is played in first-person mode. This means, the player sees the game environment through the perspective of the main character. Most of the time, only the weapon and the arms can be seen from the character. Whenever a zombie strikes the player, the player’s life is lost. When all the player’s lives are lost, game over happens.