On-screen Ruler

Kummailil (Freeware)

The On-Screen Ruler for Windows, developed by Mr. John Kummailil is a simple and easy to use tool for measuring things onscreen. It was developed initially as just a fun project to teach children how to use computers. Now, however its user base has grown across the globe. There are now thousands of users of his simple yet very useful program.

It is as straightforward as it gets. Opening the program brings onto the users screen a semi-transparent ruler that can be calibrated according to the screen dimensions. Different units can be used on the program for both SI and Imperial systems. The program uses a lot of keyboard shortcuts to get around to the different features and functions so users would be wise to check the website for reference. The ruler is customizable to fit best to any and all the user’s needs. Font customization, language customization, custom markers, and on-screen snap and orientation are all but a few of the many flexible features that the ruler provides. Currently there are five units of measure that the ruler can provide. These units of measure are Pixels, Picas, Percent, Inches, and Centimeters. These units of measure can easily be cycled through by pressing the F3 key. For frequent users of the ruler, there is a “Stay-on-top” function and a function to adjust the ruler’s transparency.