Omron Health Management Software U1.32

Omron HealthCare (Freeware)

Omron Health Management Software is an application, which allows users to upload their blood pressure data from their blood pressure monitor or pedometer to their personal computer. In this way, data can used for analysis and will allow patients and medical practitioners to track their progress, evaluate impact of current interventions and set realistic targets.

Omron Health Management Software’s user interface has File, Display, Options and Help on the menu bar. Below that are buttons which will allow the users to download their data, print a hard copy and, save as csv or pdf file. There is also a small section where the user can write his name and memos 1 & 2. On the main screen, relevant information such as a graphic display of the blood pressure and pulse rate, weekly blood pressure list/step record and the combination graph are shown for analysis. The user has three viewing options: weekly, monthly and yearly. The time range selection can be specified as the total, average or just the ones done on the morning, afternoon or evening. Since walking is one of the most recommended exercises for those will heart conditions, the steps record displays the steps graph  as well as the monthly total, daily average, daily goal and achievement level. Categories on the steps report include the actual number of steps, aerobic steps, aerobic walking time (in mins), calories (in kcal),  distance (in miles) and fat burned.