Omnivex Moxie system

Omnivex Corporation (Proprietary)

The Omnivex Moxie system is a program developed by Omnivex designed to manage all sorts of digital signage systems. It can handle networks where multimedia content used for digital signs are sorted. The program loads by instantly analyzing signage content in a network and associating found media into specific categories, such as real-time data, streaming media, and high-resolution images, to name a few. Once analyzed, Moxie then uses these files with the appropriate signages that exist within the network, all of which happens in seconds.

Using its technical ability to recognize dynamic content within the network, Moxie applies the most updated content to be in line with the technical requirements of a signage that is loaded into the program. Once real-time content matches the requirements of the file, the application uses an algorithm to display dynamic multimedia that is relevant to a file’s filters. For instance, the program take into account external factors present in a display ad’s environment to show information that is relevant to a person who is currently viewing the ad. Some of these external data are acquired using barcodes and QR codes, as well as radio frequent identification and lift mechanisms that are within the sensory range of a screen that displays content managed by Moxie.