Omnius for SE 1.40

Omnius (Shareware)

Omnius for SE is a unlocking utility specially developed for Sony Ericsson mobile phones by Omnius and released on January 2013. This program enables users to full and permanent unlocking of SE mobile phones that are locked to a specific network, as well as unlock-by-patch feature. This program also performs flashing, phone language change, and VKP patching.

Omnius for SE permanent unlocking enables users to flash or customize the phone features without fear of it reverting to a locked status. The unlock-by-patch feature unlocks the phone for the mean time, until the phone is flashed. Flashing involves firmware updating and phone debranding. VKP patching enables users to perform firmware patches using VKP scripts. This program also features CDA Changing, GDFS reconstruction, and GDFS/TA backup and restore. However, these three functions are best done by non-amateurs. This program also features simple user code resetting. It also features simple phone troubleshooting that enables users to solve simple phone errors. This program also enables users to view phone technical details.

Omnius for SE also features Android-powered SE phone permanent rooting. This program also performs dead phone revivals for some models. It features a window-layout user interface that shows instructions and commands in step-by-step format enabling even beginners to grasp the concept. It allows multiple connection support that enables users to connect more than one phone at a time to the program.