Nuance Communications, Inc. (Proprietary)

OmniPage is a software that makes use of optical character recognition technology to convert paper documents into digital content. Scanned image files and documents are converted into electronic files with this application.

Large volumes of digital and paper documents can be searched, edited and shared in user specified output format with this application. Content can be converted automatically by batch. Work that normally takes hours when done manually can be completed with just a few mouse clicks. The program is also known for conversion speed and accuracy in its mechanism.  Its conversion precision is about 99%. Documents can also be archived extemporaneously.  Files contained within incoming email can also be recognized, monitored and converted. The program is very useful since it not only recognizes text, but forms, graphics, tables and images are distinguished as well. It functions with multifunction device printers and most modern scanners.  Additional features include automatic highlighting including workflows, preservation of original document format, PDF encryption, page layout reconstruction and sharing by mans of cloud storage services to name a few. With OmniPage, a single user or business can lessen and limit costs that are associated with printing, copying and faxing. Its utility lies in the productivity and efficiency it provides, all the while allowing minimal effort for its users.