MR-Software (Proprietary)

Omnibussimulator is a game set in Spandau, a district in West Berlin, during the 80s.  Players drive a virtual bus through the 11 kilometer bus route, and face the challenge of taking passengers to their destinations on time without encountering any mishap.    

The game by MR-Software is an entertaining simulator game designed to mirror real life traffic, where density depends on the time of day, traffic regulations, and other road conditions.  It, likewise, reacts to changing situations which include the player’s own manner of driving.  Even passengers react to current circumstances, posing complaints when they are dissatisfied or uncomfortable.

Great care has been put to make the buses in Omnibussimulator resemble the real MAN doubledecker SD200 and SD202 bus models, from the controls to air system to sound.  Players drive and control these realistic virtual buses in a road system that travel through a world created in fine detail, including scenery, day and night cycles, moon phases, and seasons.

Omnibussimulater allows players to adjust the weather and time of year; and with expansions and add-ons, they can also edit and design their own routes, scenery, traffic regulations, time tables, traffic lights, and more.  The program also lets users create their own vehicles and even design custom objects.