Omni Accounts

CK Services (Proprietary)

Omni Accounts is a software suite developed by CK Services that focuses on automating common accounting tasks. The software bundles are compatible with most contemporary versions of the Windows operating system. As a business application, it caters to businesses of various sizes, from entrepreneurships to large corporations.

Aside from offering basic accounting functions, Omni Accounts also offers other features that include the following:

• An enterprise resource planning system that is capable of handling large amounts of data
• Integration with accounting and management tools that are found in standalone applications
• Fully configurable modules that adapt and scale to most business scenarios
• Essential functions like batch number tracking, debtors/creditors management database, and corporate cashbook integration

Aside from the features mentioned earlier, Omni Accounts also has the capability to have certain tools deactivated, with modules used for tasks that are unique to a specific industry. This function allows companies with outdated machines to run Omni Accounts without any unnecessary strain on hardware and technical resources.

Several versions of the software package are commercially available. The commercial bundles span from basic software (Omni Essential) to a full-featured corporate application (Omni Premium) that scale thousands of machines. Midrange versions include bundles called Trader, Point of Sale, Business, and Enterprise editions.