OLYMPUS Viewer 2


OLYMPUS Viewer 2 is a photo editing application for beginners and professional photographers who make use of Olympus digital SLR cameras. The program supports all Olympus PEN and E-system camera models. The application is mainly used for editing RAW images and saving them as JPEG or TIFF image files formats. The application consists of basic and advanced editing tools. The program’s main interface is similar to other editing applications. Users can import photos straight from their Olympus cameras using a cable connection. The photos can also be imported from the computer’s hard drive.

One of the features of the OLYMPUS Viewer 2 is automatic tone adjustment. This function enables users to edit photos easily. The photo is edited by manipulating the tone curve in order to reveal the details that are hidden in shadows on the image. The end result is a more realistic image. Olympus cameras have an Art Filter feature that adds a filter to the captured image. This feature can also be used with the program, even if the RAW image was not captured using the Art Filter feature in the camera. The program features even more Art Filters that do not come with Olympus cameras.

OLYMPUS Viewer 2 enables users to process a bunch of files all at the same time with the batch-processing feature.