OLYMPUS Master is an application that comes with some models of Olympus digital cameras. It is designed for managing, organizing, and editing photos and movies. The program comes with a quick start guide that will help users in doing tasks with the program, such as transferring images, browsing content, arranging images, editing, and developing. The program allows users to view photos in albums or in calendar mode. After installing the program, users can change the start-up settings or change the skin of the application. It has a built-in RSS Reader that allows users to save URLs of RSS channels for instant delivery of the latest photography news articles.

OLYMPUS Master provides basic tools that can be used by beginners. Some of them are cropping, changing the hue and saturation, sharpness, brightness and contrast, and auto tone correction. These changes can be made by simply moving the sliders. The application also offers advanced functions for professional photo editors. Some of the advanced functions include:

• Tone Curve – This feature allows users to adjust the brightness and the color of an image with a graph. The user can draw a curve on the graph to change the color tones.
• Gamma – This allows users to lighten up the dark parts of an image without affecting the light areas on the image.
• Color Balance – This allows users to adjust the primary colors of the photo to make the colors appear more realistic.
• Distortion Correction – This feature allows users to manually or automatically correct distortion on an image.