Okoker Blu-Ray DVD Burner 3.0

Okoker Software Inc. (Freeware)

Okoker Blu-Ray DVD Burner is a computer program that enables users to burn videos into Blu-Ray DVD discs. Movies, homemade video clips, business presentations, and commercial ads are the major types of videos a user can burn with this program using Blu-Ray DVD discs. A Blu-Ray (BD) disc has the same dimension as DVDs and CDs. It uses blue violet laser instead of red laser. This makes it store and hold more data in the disk.

This is an ideal application for users whose currently installed CD burning program only supports CD and DVD burning. In addition, this Blu-Ray DVD burning tool has basic media playing and file management features, which include playing, previewing, and deleting videos.

When Okoker Blu-Ray DVD Burner is loaded, an interface appears on the computer screen. The main menu includes “File”, “CD-Recorder”, “Option”, and “Help”. Below the menu are icons users can click to add, upload, delete, or write (burn) a video. The user interface also features data information, such as the folder name, file name, and size. Both the folder name and file name can be customized for easy identification or selection. Users can click on the “Data Options” and “Write Options” menus to set additional preferences.