Oki Storage Device Manager

Oki Data Corporation (Freeware)

The Oki Storage Device Manager is a component utility of OKI Printing Solutions and is used for the management of hard disk drives in the C7000 and C9000 printer series. It provides users with the ability to manage the forms, fonts, macros, barcodes, and other utility functions OKI Printing Solutions. This utility is primarily developed for use by network administrators, and allows them to manage the utilities that have been downloaded to the hard disk, flash SIMM, or the printer’s random access memory or RAM. The device manager assists users in the maintenance of how the printer components make use of the computer’s hard disk.

One of the key functions this utility helps administrators perform is the setting up of the printer configurations from one location. These settings may be applied to any or all of the printers within a network over an IP or local network connection. This tool has a user-friendly interface with intuitive screens that enables administrators to easily understand how printers are configured within a network.

The Oki Storage Device Manager enables users to do the following tasks:
• Reboot the printer
• Create a new project or modify an existing one
• Download files or place them in the printing queue
• Delete files and print jobs from the computer’s hard disk drive or from any connected flash device
• Add new printers or remove printers in the network