Oki Data Corporation (Shareware)

OKI LPR UTILITY is a printer management application. Different types of external hardware exist for computing systems and one of the most essential components of such a system is the printer. Although a rise in paperless data transfers have been seen in modern markets, there still remains a significant amount of documentation that requires the services of a hard-copy printing device. It is possible to use a single printer for multiple computer setups these days thanks to management tools like the OKI LPR Utility. This is an application that can be installed in multiple computer systems allowing its users to link a single printing device to more than one account.

This utility serves the purpose of linking a printer to more than one computer. It does not only establish a stable and supported connection to the system but also allows for simultaneous printing queues to be applied. The OKI LPR Utility connects a printer to several computers over a TCP/IP network. This type of connection is non-physical which means that no cables or cords are necessary. More often than not, it simply requires an Internet or Bluetooth connection to function without fail.

Users can then monitor print jobs or send print jobs for completion over the network. It is also possible to download various files like PS and PRN directly onto the printer. Viewing printing statuses over remote connections is also possible and redirecting printing jobs can also be done with ease.