Oil Tycoon 2

Dartmoor Softworks (Proprietary)

Oil Tycoon 2 is an economic simulation game developed by Dartmoor Softworks and released on February 2005. This program is set during the time of John Rockefeller, the biggest oil magnate in history. The game is set in the beginning of the 20th century where the use of oil in automobiles, ships, and other forms of transportation was just beginning. The game features more than 18 modern and historical scenarios from the Rockefeller era to the present times. It also features more than 50 historical events including the First and Second World Wars. This game comes with several game modes—single player, multiplayer, and scenario modes. This game features two-level gameplay. It features a Globe view and a City view.

Oil Tycoon 2 utilizes the 3D-Engine Oxygene game engine that comes with free camera view. The game features a 3D game environment complete with more than 300 buildings and vehicles. It also features more than 500 randomized events that may affect the player, including fires, accidents, and explosions. This game enables players to research on more than 70 research fields for upgrades. It also enables users to create worldwide sales networks, as well as worldwide trading routes for tankers and trucks. The game allows users to access more than 100 oil wells across the game world. It features a complete and extensive view of a value-added raw oil economic chain.