Oil Platform Simulator

Rondonmedia (Proprietary)

Oil Platform Simulator is a simulation game in which players to make a profitable oil business. Oil, the so-called “black gold”, is extremely precious in the world’s economy, and supply is running out fast. In this game, players join in the hunt for oil and attempt to build a business that would make them one of the biggest oil conglomerates in the world. They must first be able to find the precious pockets of oil, which would take them to various locations such as the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea.

Once a location has been identified, players are provided with a large array of equipment and tools with which to bring oil to the surface. They have to construct a sturdy oil platform and make sure the drills function properly. Part of the players’ mission is to be in control of the oil platform operations that include transporting the components of the oil platform for assembly by making use of heavy-duty cargo ships. Once the platform has been assembled, players utilize floating cranes to facilitate the smooth flow of fossil fuels from the platform to the oil refinery.

As the game progresses, wear and tear may cause the oil platform to stop its operations. When this happens, players lose revenue and must have replacement parts shipped and modernize equipment with the latest drilling technology.