OGPlanet Launcher

OGPlanet (Freeware)

OGPlanet Launcher is a game launcher program developed by OGPlanet. It is used for downloading and launching all the games available from the OGPlanet website. OGPlanet is a gaming publishing company. It publishes free MMO downloadable computer games such as Rumbler Fighter, Lost Saga, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter, and more.

The program’s interface is intuitive, clear-cut, and provides all the available functions found in the program. It has four main tabs – Home, Games, News, and Updates. The Home tab provides all the general functions. This is where all the downloaded games can be launched. It also offers a direct button to OGPlanet’s website, forums, and help desk. The help desk function redirects users to the website’s help page where users can send tickets for their inquiries. Aside from this, the Home tab also offers a function for buying Astros, OGPlanet’s official currency for enhancing games, as well as Free Astros. The Games tab provides a list of all the available games in OGPlanet. This is where users can download games. News about games as well as OGPlanet is available under the News tab. Players can also update the game and the OGPlanet launcher via the Updates tab. In addition, players can also customize the skin of the launcher. This function is available via the Settings window.