Tamos Kurucsai (Freeware)

OGMcleaver is an application primarily used for extracting file properties from MKV and OGM files. Specifically, it can extract audio tracks, video content, and subtitle tracks from the formats mentioned. Videos extracted using this application can be played on popular video applications such as QuickTime and Windows Media Player. They can also be uploaded on video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Normally, MKV files cannot be played in some video applications and uploaded on popular video sites. Through this software, that can be made possible. Audio tracks extracted using the software can also be played on popular audio players. They can even be transferred and played on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPod.

To use the program, the user must first load the MKV or OGM file through the file browser by dragging the file from the folder onto the application's main pane. The program supports batch processing, so the user can select multiple files at once. The necessary data (audio, video, and subtitles) are then extracted one by one. Before the extraction process, the user can select the output folder where the data can be saved. Only after that can the user proceed with extracting the contents of the files.