oggdropXPd - Ogg Encoder 1.9.1

Rarewares (Freeware)

Digital media, whether it be found on the Internet or elsewhere, comes in various formats. Multimedia enthusiasts will have to have several players to play various file types on their systems. These kinds of users will know how hard it is to find a converter that will convert their media files into different formats without data loss or loss of quality. These days, the OGG format gets little attention in comparison to the more popular formats such as MP3, WAV, or FLAC. However, with the open source community and Linux users, this lesser known format is still highly relevant.

This is where oggdropXPd, an OGG format encoder, designed and developed by Rarewares comes in. oggdropXPd is an encoder that takes advantage of the drag-and-drop functionality, allowing it to easily be used by any user type. A user just simply clicks and drags a number of selected files into the program’s well-designed user interface and he or she can select several options for the conversion of the files. The program can convert and compress various types of audio files. From lossless audio files to the common MP3, oggdropXPd will convert it into OGG. Other features of the program include auto-tagging of files, auto renaming, and other advanced encoding options.