OGG to MP3 Converter (Freeware)

OGG to MP3 Converter is an application that converts OGG audio file formats to the more popular MP3 audio file format and vice versa. Files converted to MP3 can then be transferred to different kinds of devices. The program is simple and easy to use as there are no settings to configure. This program can be used even by novice computer users.

The application’s main interface has two tabs that can be seen at the bottom part of the main window. These two tabs are Convert OGG to MP3 and Convert MP3 to OGG. Users can choose one of the tabs to start the conversion process. On each tab, files can be added by clicking on the Add button located on the upper left side of the window. A list of all the files to be converted will be displayed on the window. These include the name of the files, their file size, and the file size when they have been converted. Users just have to click on the “Convert” button on the upper part of the window to start the conversion process.

Here are the other features of the program:

• Intuitive interface
• Does not clog up system resources
• No complex settings