OGG MP3 Converter 3.4 Build 839

Hoo Technologies (Freeware)

OGG MP3 Converter is an application primarily used for converting OGG files into other audio formats. It is capable of converting OGG files into popular audio formats like MP3 and MOV. Alternately, it has the ability to extract audio from video files in audio formats like MP3. One unique feature of the software is its ability to keep the audio file's ID3 tag after the conversion process. To convert with the program, the user first loads the audio track into the software. This is done through the file browser menu. After the user specifies options, the application will start the conversion process. The converted audio can then be accessed in audio players like the Windows Media Player. It can also be transferred to and played in media devices like the iPhone and other MP3 players.

OGG Converter also has the ability to convert a large OGG file into a smaller OGG file. This aids the user as smaller file size reduces transfer time and the resources said files take in terms of storage. The same reduction can be done with an OGG file converted to MP3, MOV, and other formats. Some of the audio file's properties that can be changed include the bit rate, quality, and frequency. The audio file's sound can also be adjusted. This means that the user can set the maximum and minimum sound volume of the converted audio.