Offroad Racers 1.0

My Play City (Freeware)

Offroad Racers is a car racing game that focuses on off road racing. Playable cars include monster trucks, buggies, rally cars, and pickups. The players race on the Offroad Racers Contest and compete against each other to get the top spot. Offroad Racers features four racing modes and 18 stages. The game also features 8 different types of cars at the beginning.

Offroad Racers gameplay involves racing your cars until they win in every event. However, just like regular cars, race cars overheat so make sure that yours don’t. Overheating causes the car to lose in a race. The game features real time race information so racers can manage their game. The game also enables players to beat records like overall race time and checkpoint time. Players gain points either by finishing the race first, or by passing all checkpoints in the shortest time duration.

Offroad Racers  user interface shows a 3D environment complete with clouds, dust, and tire tracks. The lower left side shows the Overheat level of 10 ascending levels. The upper right side shows the route map that features the current player location on the route, as well as the checkpoints. The checkpoint time is shown on the upper middle part of the window. The race time is on the upper right. Both times are shown up to the millisecond. The lower right portion shows the current racer position as well as the number of remaining laps to complete to finish the race.