Offline Explorer

MetaProducts corp. (Shareware)

Offline Explorer is an application that downloads web pages into the hard drive to make them available to browse even when the computer is not connected to the Internet. The application is capable of downloading up to 500 files at the same time to save time. It also monitors websites where pages are downloaded to check if there are recent changes made to the page. This is done with the Schedule Manager. Users can set a time for the program to check websites and download the changes made to information. The application supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape Communicator, etc.

Offline Explorer also has its own web browser that allows users to browse websites while the application is being used. All the downloaded information is saved in the hard disk in their native format. Users have full control of all the downloading of pages. For each page, users can set which information to download and which ones to skip. Users can also stop or pause a download and resume it at a later time.

Other features of the application include the following:
• Download and playback of embedded videos on websites
• Easy navigation
• Project information and statistics
• System monitor with charts
• Support for search forms