Office Tab Center v.8.00

Detong Technology Ltd. (Shareware)

The Office Tab Center application is a Microsoft Utility that allows users to view several Microsoft Office files in one window. The program supports Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint documents. The program is based on the Microsoft Office add-in technology. Office Tab Center eliminates the need to switch between windows when working on several Microsoft Office files. Users can also save all the changes made on several documents by clicking on the ‘Save All’ option. Closing the documents can also be done with one click using the ‘Close All’ button.

Another feature of the program is the Full File Name Display. The program displays the full file name of the document on the Tab Bar. Each of the files can be accessed by clicking on its tab located on the top portion of the window. The tabs can also be arranged in by dragging. Users can switch from tab to tab by clicking the tab or pressing the Alt button + the number of the tab.

The Office Tab Center program is customizable. It has built-in shortcuts and users can also set their own hotkeys for shortcuts. The colors of the tabs can be customized as well. There are 11 built-in colors and users can set the font style, too.