Office Password Unlocker 5.0

Password Unlocker (Shareware)

Office Password Unlocker is a program used for retrieving passwords for opening Microsoft Office documents. It supports recovery of passwords for Office 2007 up to Office 2010. The program makes use of three kinds of attacks in order to get passwords. These are:

• Dictionary Attack – For dictionary attack, different words from the dictionary are tried in order to find the correct passwords. It uses combinations as well. It also supports dictionaries in different languages.
• Brute-Force Attack – For this type of attack, all possible combinations are used to find the correct password.
• Brute-Force Attack with Mask – This type of attack is used when the number of characters for a password or certain letters is known.

The application’s main window has an explorer view. Three main buttons are located on the upper portion of the screen – Open, Start, and Stop. There are three steps in looking for passwords. The first one is to choose the type of attack to use. The second is to choose the parameters for the attack. The third is to click on the “Start” button to start the process. The program has a simple main window, which allows novice computer users to use the program.