Office Password Recovery Toolbox

Rixler Software (Freeware)

The Office Password Recovery Toolbox is a security and password retrieval tool users can employ towards identifying passwords for access to Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents when the passwords are accidentally changed or lost. Said tool can also be used for other Office programs, such as Outlook and Access. It utilizes a decrypting server and numerous components that can recover almost any password.

The Office Password Recovery Toolbox removes write, open, and protection passwords for documents in MS Word. It can also recover and remove write and open workbook, worksheet, and shared workbook passwords for Excel documents. Write passwords for PowerPoint 2007 are also removed. In addition to these and other features for various Office programs, it also has a service to securely recover passwords online, access passwords for the program itself, the recovery of passwords and copying to the system’s clipboard, and a simple, intuitive GUI or Graphical User Interface.

The user can open a document protected with a password with the Open File item or the editbox, both of which are in the initial window of the interface. A recently-accessed file can also be selected. Upon the selection of a document, the program’s display changes to show all passwords the document has.