Office Password Recovery PRO 1.0

Password Solutions (Freeware)

Office Password Recovery PRO is a password recovery software developed by Password Solutions and released on 2006. This program enables users to recover lost or forgotten passwords of protected Microsoft Office files. It works with all Microsoft Office programs including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Access.

Office Password Recovery PRO enables users to recover or reform lost passwords of any length or configuration. It can recover short passwords or overly long passwords. It can recover passwords with letters only or those with both symbols and numbers. It features batch processing of multiple files for password recovery. This program also has a backup feature that enables users to backup their passwords to a Password Cache. Saved passwords may then be retrieved or restored when needed.

Office Password Recovery PRO features a simple Windows-based graphical user interface. The Menu ribbon features Open, Accounts, Databases, Profile Manager, and Password Cache. The left window shows a tree view of recovery projects divided into three branches—Working, Recovered, and Failed. When a file is selected, the recovery status is displayed on the right window showing a four tabs—Status, Settings, Log, and Console. The Status tab shows the particular attack scheme utilized in recovery. Some attack schemes are English Dictionary, numbers, BruteForce, SmartSearch, and Dates. It also shows the recovery progress, as well as the successfully recovered password. The Common Information window is shown below the Status window.