Office Password Recovery Magic

Password Recovery Magic Studio Ltd. (Shareware)

Office Password Recovery Magic is an application for recovering forgotten or lost passwords. Office files (those of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Access, and Excel) passwords that are considered to be “read-only” may also be recovered as well as format files such as *.mdb, *.xls, *.doc, and *.ppt.

The program interface is simple, does not have complicated buttons, and allows for exact searches to be made. New and knowledgeable computer users can all easily make use of the program. Password search ranges may also be specified through the use of the password’s shape and the password’s length. The dictionary file may also be utilized to locate passwords in a quick manner. Passwords may be recovered first by users clicking on the “Open” button for locked files to loaded. Desired parameters may then be designated through the “Setting” button. Using the Dictionary facility, text has to be loaded for password range to be focused on such letters. Using “Brute Force” known information about the password like its shape and length have to be specified. Lastly, users have to click on the “Start” button to commence password recovery. The program developer notes in the program website that it may be contacted in case users have suggestions or questions about the program.