Office Accounting

Microsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Microsoft Office Accounting is a finance application designed for small businesses with up to 25 people in their employ. This software continued the function of its predecessor, Small Business Accounting. The application’s capabilities include managing financial tasks, exchanging financial information, supervising sales, and generating reports.

The software manages financial tasks by creating invoices, quotes, and checks while monitoring income and expenses. It also takes care of tax preparations and payroll. Additionally, it can track a client’s business credit via Equifax (an agency that provides consumer credit scores and reports). Users can likewise make online tax declarations thanks to the application’s connectivity feature for emailing and Paypal access. Built-in modules for the creation of timesheet and detailed activity reports allow employees to monitor their employees’ financial information. Salary payments are manageable with the aid of pay stubs or by drawing payroll information from Excel files. Finally, Microsoft Office Accounting provides financial statements in PDF or HTML format. Users can print, import, or share this data with others. Financial reports may cover details on taxes, transactions, balance, profits, losses, and so on.

Microsoft Corporation discontinued distribution of Microsoft Office Accounting since 2009. Consequently, offerings like online sales and Resource Center which acts like a help file are no longer available. Despite the product’s discontinuation, however, some small companies continue to find the software’s functions sufficient for their requirements.