Aedge Performance BCN SL (Freeware)

OfferBox is an online service that allows users to get the latest offers and promotions from the Internet. The application gathers search information from the computer and scours the Internet for promotions related to the search terms. Users are notified of the available promotions through small alerts that are displayed on the task bar. The program uses contextual targeting technology to analyze keywords. It does not collect any personal data from the user.

With OfferBox, users can define their location and interests. This can optimize the landing pages and help the application get the best promotional offers that will be of interest to the user. Aside from benefitting from the software, users can also access the OfferBox website to get the most out of the service. Business owners can also benefit from the program. After signing up on the website, business owners can promote discount codes, improve their online visibility, and also advertise their business on the website’s banner space.

Other features of joining OfferBox include the following:
High ROI (Return on Investment)
Highlighted offers on the homepage
Innovative promotion channel
Connect to millions of consumers
Real-time notifications

The OfferBox application passed Microsoft Malware Protection Center standards and is white listed by security programs.