Off-Road Drive

1C Avalon (Proprietary)

Off-Road Drive is an off-road driving simulation game developed by 1C Avalon and released on December 2011. This game enables players to experience off-road racing championships all around the world particularly South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, and USA. It also features different game modes including trophy run, sprint, and trial. It features various off-road racing conditions including steep cliffs, wild jungles, muddy swamps, and water crossings. It includes 42 off-road tracks to choose from.  This game also enables players to control and drive 20 types of off-road SUVs and other unique vehicle prototypes.

Off-Road Drive also features some vehicles customization options. Users may customize the outer appearance of the vehicle including the paint job. Users may also customize the inner workings including the suspension, tire types, and tire size. This game also enables users to acquire vehicle accessories and some off-road equipment. This includes lowered gearing, winch, front and rear locking differentials, and sand tracks. This game also features a vehicle damage system that mirrors real life damage conditions.

Off-Road Drive is a primarily single player game. However, this game is also available with multiplayer game mode enabling up to 4 users to play simultaneously. The game may be hosted offline via LAN support. It can also be hosted online over the Internet through an external or UPnP NAT support.