Off-Road Arena

Micro Espiral (Shareware)

Off-Road Arena is a racing game that features off-road driving. In this game, players take control of several types of vehicles particularly designed for off-road use and attempt to beat opponents by reaching the finish line first. There are 9 types of off-roaders available to the player; each vehicle design has a set of driving characteristics or strengths. The races are conducted in different circuits in varied locations around the world.

There are two game modes, namely Arcade and Championship. In the arcade mode, players can race in several different circuits. Players start with the first circuit, and if they win in that level, they unlock the next one. Circuits or levels may be replayed as desired. There are eight tracks in this mode.

In the championship mode, players race to win points. There are three cup divisions: Off Road Open, Master Cup, and the most difficult division, the World Championship Cup. The points are based on the players’ arrival position in the finish line—the higher the rank is, the more points a player gets. The player who earns the most number of points is declared the winner.

The game makes use of realistic physics that is applied to the race tactics, including drifting, which makes it easier and faster for players to round a curve.