Funk Software, Inc. (Shareware)

Odyssey by Funk Software, Inc. is also known as OAC or Odyssey Access Client. It is also branded as UAC or User Access Client. This utility provides connectivity services characterized by fast and easy deployment as well as uncompromised login credentials. This program is implemented widely by both private businesses and government agencies.

The creators of this utility specialize in network access security solutions for all company sizes. The products are designed to assist organizations in the enforcement of a uniform security policy. The utility includes OAC features such as Wireless LAN security access and validated cryptography. Organizations that utilize this program are assured of policy compliance. Moreover, there are stealth mode and lockdown features that provide additional protection.

Odyssey by Funk Software, Inc. offers users the OAC FIPS Edition. This version provides the high level of security and connectivity that global enterprises demand. Some of the main features of Odyssey are:

• Quick and automated deployment
• No negative impact on any device
• Fast and convenient upgrading and distribution
• Customization options

Odyssey by Funk Software, Inc. is capable of providing users the appropriate WLAN network while ensuring uncompromised login network and user credentials across the board. All transmitted data is protected. Users can further specify connectivity, security and access parameters as well.