Odin Data Recovery Professional 9.8.2

Odin Share Company (Shareware)

Odin Data Recovery Professional is an application used for recovering data from various storage devices. It is capable of repairing corrupted and deleted data from a number of data storage units, like hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards. It can also be used to recover data on these devices even when they have already been formatted. Files already removed from the Recycle Bin can also be recovered.

To use the program, the user must first specify the location of the storage device. The program then displays all of the relevant information regarding the device, such as its file name and size. Before the user proceeds with the recovery, there are two options he can make. First, the user can choose to overwrite the files that are currently on the hard drive; second, the user can opt to save the recovered files in another folder.

Odin Data Recovery Professional also has the ability to scan for lost data on devices with unknown file systems. Additionally, corrupted files can also be recovered. This is particularly useful when the device has crashed and most of the files have been corrupted. Through the program's smart scan technology, unreadable disk systems can still be scanned, and data can still be recovered from it.