Object Fix Zip 1.7

Regall LLC dba Object Rescue (Freeware)

Object Fix Zip is used for repairing compressed zip archives. The program does this by retrieving the faulty files of the zip file and creating a new compressed file. The application is useful for fixing corrupt archives. It has a wizard interface that goes through the step-by-step instructions on how to use the application. Repairing archives can be done in just four steps. The program also supports batch processing that allows users to work on several files all at the same time.

There are three options the user can choose from when using the program. These are test the ZIP file’s data integrity, fix or repair the archive and try to create a new archived file, and extract the contents of the compressed zip file. After processing the files, users will be able to see the number of files that have been processed as well as the number of files that were extracted from the archives. Other key features of the program are as follows:

• Supports a wide variety of ZIP archive files including WinZIP and PkZIP
• Capable of extracting files from ZIP archives that are only partially downloaded
• Program is able to extract contents from several ZIP archives all at the same time