Object Desktop Launchpad

Stardock Corporation (Bundled)

Stardock Corporation developed the Object Desktop Launchpad. It was first released in 2009. It is compatible with Windows systems, and is a reliable OS customization program for said operating systems. This particular application can be downloaded on trial mode and utilized by the user for a number of days prior to prompting the user to register for further access.

The Object Desktop Launchpad provides its users with the tools and processes that are needed for the customization of their computer desktops. Categorized as a Graphical User Interface or GUI customization tool package, this program makes it easy for users of varying degrees of computer expertise to configure numerous elements on the desktop to their liking. Using this program, people can change icons to carry images that appeal to them, for example. They can also customize desktop backgrounds and theme settings. The program can also be used to create, configure, and modify toolbars that can be set to appear or hide on command.

In addition to the different customization options afforded the user, the program also makes it possible to schedule tasks and processes on the computer. They can time desktop applications. They can schedule background changes. They can also configure the system to run with manual or automatic program launches based on personal preference.