Object Desktop Control Center 1

Stardock Inc. (Shareware)

Object Desktop Control Center is a component of the Object Desktop (OD) program suite. The OD package enables users to modify and transform the different aspects of their Windows computers. As a component of OD, the ControlCenter serves as a virtual desktop manager. It provides users with the ability to manage the active windows on their desktops and also monitor their system resources at the same time. This application is also able to launch programs and can therefore replace the Start Bar. The Control Center may also be used to add functionality to the Start Bar itself; users can embed some of its sections as part of the Start Menu.

This component may be configured in any way the user prefers; it has an object-oriented design which allows users to run several ControlCenter components simultaneously. With this application, users will be able to be more productive, especially those who require the running and monitoring of multiple applications at the same time.

The Object Desktop Control Center serves as a central command area for organizing, monitoring, and accessing program applications, resources, and objects. Users can set up different control centers for different purposes, such as monitoring the system memory. The application comes with a wizard to assist users in creating and modifying a control center. It also comes with a task browser, which gives users the ability to easily switch between applications and folders.