OBDwiz 2.14.2

OBD Software (Shareware)

OBDwiz is an automotive diagnostic tool developed by OBD Software and released on February 2013. It is shipped with any OBD2 scan tool including the OBDLink MX, OBDLink SX, or ElmScan 5 Compact, among others. This program enables the user to troubleshoot simple vehicular problems. It can also improve the fuel consumption of the vehicle and check emission readiness. It also enables the user to clear the Check Engine notification. It features a touchscreen capability.

OBDwiz has a grey user interface with a tabbed left panel containing five tabs—Setup, Diag, Dashboard, Logs, and Exit. Setup tab enables users to configure the connection protocol including the PID Monitor, PID Setup, and General Connection and Fuel setup options. The Diagnostics tab enables the users to troubleshoot vehicular minor trouble. Trouble codes are automatically saved by the program. Users can also apply freeze frames to have an accurate view of the issue. Users can also monitor tests through this tab.

OBDwiz also functions as a digital dashboard. The upper part of the window shows six buttons that correspond to Total MPG, Trip MPG, Instant MPG, Distance, Fuel in terms of Gallon per hour, and remaining Fuel. Numerical amounts corresponding to each button is shown inside boxes. The lower half of the dashboard shows two speedometers as well as two bars that show the current Load percentage and temperature.