OBD-II ScanMaster (Shareware)

OBD-II ScanMaster is a program designed to perform automotive diagnostics that works only with the OBDII interface. This utility requires a specified scan tool and is not made to work with mere clones of the scan tool. It is compatible with a wide range of motor vehicles.

This application contains a database of more than over 3600 manufacturer-specific DTCs plus more than 4200 generic DTCs. This program offers users with both English and metric units of measurement.

OBD-II ScanMaster has numerous features. It provides the user with real-time data in the form of gauges, graphs, and tables. It also has hands-off protocol detection that runs automatically. There are multiple functions that this application is designed to do. It can recognize more than 9000 failure codes, read manufacturer-specific and generic DTCs, and perform tasks such as data storage in spreadsheet format, data storage, among others. This program is also capable of showing oxygen sensor test results. OBD-II ScanMaster also provides printable diagnostic reports.

OBD-II ScanMaster is a program is developed by a company that offers sophisticated PC-based diagnostics tools that are affordable at the same time. This scan tool also offers users with free technical support for all possible questions that they may have about the usage and operation of the program.