NXP FM Tuner

NXP (Proprietary)

NXP FM Tuner is an automotive AM/FM audio and radio device. It is developed by NXP, a company that offers both stand alone car entertainment solutions and fully integrated audio systems. NXP FM Tuner is a highly-integrated and scalable solution that is designed for single tuner FM and AM digital radio applications. Despite being a simple system NXP FM Tuner is capable of high performance.

NXP FM Tuner is a single-tuner receiver (AM/FM) that is specifically designed for automotive applications. This device is also capable of the following functions: weak signal processing, blanking, FM stereo decoding, and signal quality detection. All these functions are presented in a compact system which lessens the need for additional components.

Car owners who require a state-of-the-art entertainment system can consider NXP FM Tuner while they are choosing a modern audio/radio subsystem for their vehicles. NXP FM Tuner has the following features:
• Digital IF signal processing
• Tuning system that combines fast tuning times with low phase noise
• High performance reception with high-tech accelerators and software algorithm
• Analog and DSP-based FM and AM receivers
• Supports HD/DRM reception

This high-end tool is also compatible with DRM and HD Radio. It is also easy to upgrade and customize and is a flexible device in terms of functionality.