NVIDIA® NVMixer 5.11

NVIDIA Corporation (Freeware)

NVIDIA® NVMixer is program used for controlling and managing the entire aspects of any NVIDA nForce MCPs (Media and Communications Processors). This program is bundled with the NVIDIA ForceWare program. This version was released on November 2, 2005. Using this program, the user now has the ability to view all the controls in a single place including recording options, volume adjustment, speaker configurations and others. This application offers support to all NVIDIA SoundStorm, NVIDIA APU (Audio Processing Unit) and other NVIDIA nForce Systems.

Using this application, it is possible to control the recording volumes and playback of an audio in a single location. Configuring the settings of headphones/speakers is possible as well. The program provides an interface that can be used to control and setup the installed audio systems. There are also additional features available for users utilizing NVIDIA SoundStorm technology. Some of these additional features include the ability to adjust tonal controls, customize audio experience, setup special effects and recreate room environments.

NVIDIA® NVMixer can also be used to alter the gains, mutes and volumes for all the outputs and inputs. The speaker setup can also be managed using the program’s step-by-step wizard. Configuring premix levels and speaker modes is possible as well. The program is also capable of enabling advanced EQ, effects, environment and monitoring on all APU-enabled systems.