NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision

NVIDIA Corporation (Shareware)

The NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision software program is a component of the 3D Vision Kit developed and manufactured by NVIDIA Corporation. The gaming kit was first launched in 2008. It is composed of driver software and 3D glasses giving users a 3D vision for multiple Direct3D games.

The 3D Vision software application provides options for customization, which can be found in the NVIDIA Control Panel. The NVIDIA Control Panel provides different configuration options to assist in improving the gaming experience using the NVIDIA 3D Vision Gaming Kit.

Setting up the Stereoscopic 3D can be done using this program. It provides an option to enable or disable stereoscopic 3D effects. This can be done through the computer’s 3D on or off button, keyboard shortcut or through the NVIDIA Control Panel.

The NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision program can also be used to configure the amount of depth in a particular game. The amount of depth is defined as the deepness that the farthest item is placed in a particular scene. Adjusting the depth will help configure the best possible 3D settings for the user. The default depth is 15% after installation. This can be increased or decreased according to preference.

Selecting which Stereoscopic 3D Display Type will be used is possible with this program. The program provides a drop-down list for all the recognized 3D Vision-Ready Displays. This program can also be used to change the 3D Laser Sight. Configuring this option works by adjusting the depth of the screen. This is usually adjusted when playing First-Person Shooter (FPS) games.