NVIDIA Control Panel

NVIDIA Corporation (Freeware)

The NVIDIA Control Panel is the hardware control application for NVIDIA products. Developed by NVIDIA Corporation, this application provides an interface allowing users to control and manage NVIDA applications/products. It features display, multimedia, and application management. Gaming features are also available. The program is designed to be integrated with the latest software infrastructures of Windows. It can be accessed without entering BIOS or leaving Windows allowing users to adjust and manage the components of NVIDIA products such as minimizing noise, maximizing performance and increasing stability.

NVIDIA Control Panel’s GPU offers a detailed guide with descriptions and pictures. Advanced and beginner views are also available for users. GPU offers HDTV quality settings allowing users to access and configure widescreen panels and other HDTV settings. It has a Patented NVIDA UDA (Unified Driver Architecture) that supports all NVIDIA products. This program can also be used for adjusting motherboard settings like system voltages, memory timings, system clocks, or system fans. Users can even modify BIOS system without going to BIOS using this application. It is also used for changing critical memory timings without going to BIOS or restarting.

NVIDIA Control Panel offers Custom Profiles/Rules. Users can choose or create preconfigured rules/profiles. Tracking temperatures, bus speeds, and profile changes can also be done through its event logging feature. This log file generated by the application can be imported to a spreadsheet program like Excel. Other features of NVIDIA Control panel include system monitoring, system troubleshooting, adjustable fan speeds/voltages, and fallback control.