Nullsoft Scriptable Install System

Nullsoft (Freeware)

NSIS, or Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, is an installer creator program developed by Nullsoft. It is used for creating Windows-based installers capable of extracting files, configuring system settings, installing, and uninstalling. The application is script-based. This allows users to create either a simple or advanced installer package. It also features a small overhead size. The program can work on any Windows versions including Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Me, etc.

Some of the features offered by NSIS include:

• Compression Techniques – The application features three types of compression techniques – LZMA, Zlib, or BZip2. The program’s compression method eliminates the need to utilize large programs or self-extracting modules.
• Multilanguage Support – The program features over 40 translations. This allows users to create an installer package that supports different interface languages. Aside from this, users may also include their own language files.
• Custom Interfaces and Dialogs – NSIS allows creation of custom wizard pages enabling users to integrate or input configuration options. The program also features both a modern and classic wizard interface. Creating a custom wizard interface is possible as well.
• Plug-in System – The program’s functionality can be extended using plug-ins. Downloaded plug-ins have the ability to communicate with the created installer package.

Other features offered by NSIS include support for file patching and web installation, project integration, readable file formats, portable compiler, and more.